June 13, 2014

Virus Removal & Tune-Up

Have some annoying popups asking to pay to get rid of a virus or pretending to be an Antivirus program? Do all of your icons or files appear to be missing? Don’t worry, we specialize in this type of repair. Most systems are back up and running within 24 hours.

Some¬†Malware/Virus related programs get on your computer after installing what you’re tricked into thinking is a Flash or Java Update. Or convinced you that a “magic program” is going to speed up your computer and make everything faster. Sometimes, you don’t realize you even have Malware on your system. Some signs include:

  1. Your Search Engine has changed – Most people prefer to have Google, Yahoo or Bing as their search provider, but if you’re seeing ask.com, conduit, “search protect” or a search engine that you didn’t intentionally change, this could be a sign that your machine is infected.
  2. Unwanted toolbars. Many programs will install 3rd party toolbars claiming to be a Coupon Printer/Saver, or make your searches faster…the reality is that less is better. Every toolbar, and add-on can slow down your browser quite a bit. If you’re unable to permanently remove these, you may have malware running in the background that prevents you from making lasting changes to these settings.

Viruses and Malware can leave quite a bit of damage behind – even after some anti-virus software has removed the offending threats.

Our Virus/Malware removal service includes a full service tune-up. This way instead of just removing the virus, we can tell you with confidence that your computer is running much better than before. We go through all your important software, drivers and Windows Updates and make sure everything is working correctly. Additionally, we’ll clean out your system and make sure it’s booting up faster and install top-rated anti-virus software to help prevent issues in the future.

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Our pricing for most most Virus/Malware removal is $119. This includes installation of anti-virus software to help prevent future problems.

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